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Pet Stories - Links From the Internet


Euthanasia to control shelter population unpopular

Before and After - a Lesson in Love

Feral cats caught and spayed or neutered, then freed in Muskegon County program

Animal Control Rescues 64 Animals from Elderly Woman's Home in Livingston County


The magic pill for puppies - socialization

"I put dogs in the gas chamber" - a first hand story from an animal control officer

Walmart is rallying public support for H.R. 1406 – The Fairness to Pet Owners Act of 2011. Supporters of the act say that the legislation will allow consumers the choice to bargain shop at low-cost pharmacies and other locations such as Walmart, Target and other bargain stores.

Stopping Dog Murders

Finding Lost Animals

Eye Problems in Aging Dogs

Best Friends Webinars

Animal Rescue Facebook Directory

Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays


Celebrating the Life of Man’s Best Friend With ‘One Perfect Day’

The perfect house for cats

Students make a difference for pets

Rescue Burnout

Helping to Make more Shelter Pets Adoptable by Taking Better Photos

Former Cowboy Lassos Dogs Swept Away in Washington Canal


One woman. Two thousand dogs. A story of hope.

The Story of an abandoned shelter dog who rose to become Purina's National Champion Frisbee Dog - Video

Dog and Cat Food Ingredients to Avoid

Pet-Safe Household Cleaning Products: How to Clean When You Have Pets

Newaygo Animal Control seizes 85 animals in raid

10 worse ingredients in pet food

Why are You Killing the Cats?

Why Are You Killing Cats - Part 2

Statistics on Pet Adoption and Pet Ownership

Estate Planning for Your Pet

10 things dog owners should know - Part 1

10 things dog owners should know - Part 2

AVMA to Condemn Gas Chambers - Finally?

New FDA Regulations Target Food Safety, including Pet Food Safety

How to prepare for a new pet

Five things you need to know about ticks

Proposals would increase penalties for dog fighting

JULY 2011

100 homes for dogs in 6 months

“Loveabulls: Life and Love with Rescued Bullies”

Dog Death Investigation in Manistee County

Fewer pets killed because of spay, neuter programs

Top Summer Traumas for Pets and How to Weather them

Traveling safely with pets

Helping a pet with separation anxiety

JUNE 2011

Reasons to adopt a senior pet

The No Kill Movement - Saving Lives One Community at a Time

How a Cat's Whiskers Help Them See in the Dark

Northern Michigan Beaches to Take Your Dogs to

Ten Most Fascinating Dogs

What to look for in a dog trainer

Winners Announced in 2011 Michigan Legislature Pet Photo Contest

Largest Cat Rescue in HSUS History

Northern Michigan Beaches for Dogs

Cats for people with allergies

Canine Profiling

Job Listings - Working with Animals

Dog who crawls his way home after tornadoes

Preparing Your Home for a Foster

MAY 2011

Should You Let Your Cat Go Outdoors?

Social Networking Saving Lives of Homeless Animals

Help your dog 'weather' thunderstorms

Loving Senior Dogs to the End

The growing movement to help homeless horses

Dog Allergies – Sniffing Up The Facts To Cure And Avoid Doggy Inhalant Allergies

How Safe is That Doggie in the Water?

Cleaning Products that aren't Dog-Safe

Foster Mom to Feral Cats

Wish You Were Here by Nathan J. Winograd

Canned Cat Food Nutritional Information

Pet-Safe Gardening

Fostering a Pet

Introducing a new cat

Caring for a Senior Cat

Doggie 911

Do I go home today?

I am not a thing

Removing ticks from your pet

Pet Safety application

Debunking Pet Overpopulation

Two artists are painting the portraits of 5500 dogs - the number of dogs that are KILLED EVERY DAY in shelters. This is a great exhabition to raise awareness, and this short video outlines the project.

Thermotex Infrared Large Pet Pad - heat therapy system

Examination of the No Kill Movement

Making a first aid kit

APRIL 2011

Help Curb Puppy Mill Abuses—Support the PUPS Act!

A New Promise for Treatable Animals - Michigan Humane Society

PET PEEVES: Cats Who Won't Stop Spraying

Pet Safety Survey - Very Interesting Info.

Top 10 Reasons to Spay/Neuter Your Pet

Find a Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program Near You

Questions about Helping Wildlife

Helping to Solve a Cat Peeing Problem

How Michigan Gets to No Kill

Ten Practical iPhone Apps for Pet Lovers

I was there: one volunteer's view of a shelter's transition to no kill

Toxic Plants

Cat Info & Resources from Nancy Peterson, Cat Programs Manager, HSUS

Manton Pit Bull Ban

Saving Waggs and Wishes Rescue Group - Please help

Homemade recipe for skunk off

Why cats should be adopted in pairs

Pets in Hot Cars

Michigan man charged with throwing pit bill down embankment

Spending on Pets Up During Lean Economic Times

Choosing a Dog Breed

Top Cat Health Questions

Vaccine in Development to Cure Cat Allergies

Partnering Up to Help Pit Bulls

How to Help an Animal Shelter Devastated by Fire

Protect Michigan Dogs - Website

State Animal Cruelty Laws - Website

Pet Pardons - an App to Help Save Pets

Doggie 911 - in an Emergency

MARCH 2011








Dressing down for a cause

Seeing eye dog goes blind

Dogs of Japan

The best cat tree for your kitty

Amazing Story of Animal Rescue

Kitten Season is coming

I adopted your dog today

A place to call home for men and dogs

Kitten Care Handbook

Dog fighting ring busted in Monroe County

A Rescuer's Story

Possible puppy mill under federal investigation

Cool purses and other items you can order with your pets on them

Power, profits and puppy mills trump democracy in Missouri

Eaton Rapids residents come to aid of 50 stray cats

How to clip dog nails

Preventing heartworm disease in dogs

Just a Dog?

Villalobos Rescue Center (Pitbulls & Parolees) Denied Permit at New Location

'Feral cat' bill passes Utah House (to shoot them)

The Cheboygan County Humane Society gets flu vaccine grant

Gas in Dogs: Causes, Solutions and when you should worry

Michigan Humane Society receives funds for new animal shelter




The Last Dream - MUST WATCH! an Important Video to Watch Showing the Importance of Not Judging a Dog on his Behavior in a Shelter

Ferndale may lose no-kill animal rescue

Labrador mix 'Hank' finds way home to Alma owners after 100 mile trek

Activists oppose Moscow stray dogs deportation

Putting the Squeeze on Doggie Anxiety

Female Inmates Take Care of Shelter Dogs in Ann Arbor

Local vets donate surgery

America's overweight pets

Santa Fe-based art project geared at raising money to make animal shelters no-kill

Eastpointe store denies puppy mill allegations

H1N1 is Back

Scottish deerhound Hickory wins best in show at Westminster Dog Show 2011

Alley Cat Allies - Setting the Record Straight on Oreo's Law
From Alley Cat Allies - Last year, a bill known as “Oreo’s Law” was proposed in the New York State Assembly that would require all municipal animal control pounds and shelters to transfer any animal in their care who is scheduled to be killed to a nonprofit animal protection organization that requests possession of the animal. As leading proponents of shelter reform, Alley Cat Allies worked with the legislative sponsor to strengthen the bill, but it was never scheduled for a vote. This month, the bill was reintroduced with improved language that will protect the lives of cats, and it has our support.

Help Support Villalobos Rescue Center

American Bar Association Supports Justice for Victims of Animal Cruelty

Annandale civic association elects dog as president

New Dog Breeds


Cat Scratching Tips

Another stolen dog from NY shelter recovered, more rewards offered


CPR saves dog's life in rough water

Cat returns after three years missing

For Pets' Sake: Animals take on Christmas

Livingston County Animal Control Boss Axed, but County won't Say Why

More people buy gifts for dogs than cats

Obama signs "crush video" bill into law

Dog visits grave after owner dies

The 123 dogs removed last week from a failed Arkansas shelter are now getting the TLC they need


Vote for Carol's Ferals in Grand Rapids so they can spay and neuter a lot of animals. Vote for #8 Kathleen Post

H.R.5566 regarding Crush Videos now in the hands of our Senate

K9 Heroes Author - Interview

Pet's Ten Commandments

Two German Shepherd Buddies Looking for Home Together

Saying Goodbye to your Animal Friend

Police K-9 Magazine Online

Organization Formed for Women Working in the Pet Industry

Lukas the Horse Has His Guinness World Record

Fostering Tips

Pet owner mistakes

Jack Russell vs. Mountain Lion

Pet Resources- Emergency Kit

Is someone killing your next pet?


Hard time for horses

Kittens thrown out of moving truck survive

Re-homing a cat

Help was offered for horses in need

'People-Centered' Animal Sanctuary Helps Pet Owners in Crisis

Trained dog sniffs out E. Coli sources

AC Paw appears on Fox talking about their orphaned puppy & kitty class

AC Paw appears on ABC 29&8 talking about their calendars

Bringing dogs from overcrowded shelters in California to Canada to find homes

Optimizing social media to get a dog adopted

A Role Model - Ryan Clinton: Attorney, Animal Advocate and Founder of Fix Austin

HANDDS appears on 7&4 News

Abuse Case Discovered in Allegan County

Where do people get their pets?

How much should you feed your pet?

Winter Weather Tips for Cats

Providing a winter shelter for a feral cat

Anyone in Traverse City missing a snake?

Traverse City Vet Helps Oil Clean-Up

Humane standards vital as Best Friends joins coalition to promote passage of the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act in Missouri Nov. 2nd


Adopting out a pet on your own - helpful information

Family of Lejeune corpsman killed in Afghanistan train dogs for wounded troops

Rescuing one to help rescue another

Man, pet parrot scuffle on Ann Arbor street

Canine Liver Disease: Causes and Symptoms

Elmer's crafts special blend of dirt for Horse Shows by the Bay

Hero dogs of 911

The dangerous world of dog food preservatives

Mandatory spay and neuter not the way to go

Doggie lifeguards in Italy


PetPac - Protecting the Rights of Pets and Owners

Great Ad for Dog Treats

Power to the People - Oreo's Law

Disabled man banned after service dog poops in store

Military dog comes home from Iraq traumatized

Man charged with dragging dog in Eaton Rapids

Getting Another Dog - Local Article

JULY 2010

Ways to engage your dog indoors

Firefighters dismantle police car to rescue kitten

Breed Rescuers Stepping Up

Dogs battle to see who can leap farthest - Ultimate Air Dogs at the Cherry Festival

Keeping a pet when you're in crisis

How to make your own cat toys

The Great Beagle Escape - out of the lab - 120 beagles feel freedom for the first time

Thirteen foods that can kill your pet

JUNE 2010

Kalkaska Trying to Raise Funds for New Animal Shelter

With respect to animals - don't use "euthanasia"

HSUS Defends Wilkes County Massacre

Sad: Best Friends Doesn't Support Oreo's Law - and it doesn't pass. What's up?

Pet Supplies “Plus” pet stores take ‘Puppy Friendly’ pledge

Wacky Pet Names

Feds Trying to Destroy Exotic Pet Industry

From Rescue to Service Dog

Gulf Oil Spill - Saving Those They Can

Pennies from Heaven

MAY 2010

Leading up to the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on August 29, Best Friends reflects on the disaster and how it has changed forever the world of animal welfare

Delta Society - Animals Helping People

Rescue Facility in Tennessee Washes Away Due to Flood

APRIL 2010

BROWNSTOWN TWP: Animal shelter to close; dogs, cats to be sent elsewhere

Supreme Court voids law aimed at banning animal cruelty videos

Cat organizers

Once-Doomed Dog Runs for Governor of Texas

City of Manistee to step up Animal Control Enforcement

Marines give breakfast to stray puppy

Horses never forget human friends

First blood test to detect cancer in dogs

What to Keep in Your Dog or Cat First Aid Kit

Eleven Michigan Animal Shelters Receive Funds from Tax Donations

Trapped dog found safe after family loses home to storm

Former Michael Vick Dog Receives Community Service Award

Shocking case of neglect to 3 yr-old German Shepherd named Courage, who is now fighting for his life

Stop Class B Dealers from Selling Animals for Research

Dog owners get activities, quality time with pets at camp

Charity Navigator Downgrades HSUS Ratings

The future for animal shelters may not be so bleak

Reno leads the pack

Ex-Puppy Mill Shop Manager Heeds Sheltering Call

For the Battle-Scarred, Comfort at Leash’s End

Best Friends Statement on Hinckley Shelter

Top 10 Dog Toys

What to do if your dog gets loose

Florida Animal Lover and Vet Rescue Tangled Kittens

US court rules disabled veteran can't get extra food stamps for his service dog

What to do if your cat is not using the litter box

MARCH 2010

Seer Farms keeps pets temporarily for owners in crisis

Pair of dogs adopted from Best Friends following Hurricane Katrina experience a second life-saving rescue after Haiti earthquake

Owner of malnourished dogs found in Flint Home charged with animal cruelty

A Quality of Life Issues for Shelters

More Restrictions on Flea/Tick Products Considered

New Group Formed to Help Horse Owners in Northern Lower Michigan

The Mutt Census

Gracie the Dog Helps Paralyzed Owner Escape Fire

NASCAR driver plans no kill shelter

Pet Speed Dating in MO

Kent County Humane: We salute your solution

'Life of Riley' Wandering cat, owner reunited

Car-Jacker Foiled by Ex-Fighting Pit Bull

Dog chews up police car - ends up in doggie jail

10 reasons to love a mutt

Could ruling lead to hunters shooting cats in New Jersey?

ASPCA President Edwin J. Sayres is fighting legislation that would make it illegal for shelters to kill animals a qualified non-profit organization is willing to save

Kitty Cam at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

No kill shelter opens in Kalamazoo County

Local firm offers fitting tribute to fallen pets

Chicago shelter employs array of approaches to spare dogs

California Shelter Adopts Dog Out Because Family Couldn't Pay


Detroit Kennel Club seeks votes in drive to name a state pooch

Monster Dog Pull Video (Traverse City's Winter Wonderfest)

Animal Rescue Video - set to Phil Collins song

Arrest expected in dog shooting

Dog Shot, Killed In Manistee County

Dog Killed Just Outside Family's Home

Crawford County Avalanche - Previous story on the pit bulls in Grayling

UK bomb-sniffing dog honored with military medal

Therapy Pets Bring Joy To Harbor Springs Medical Care Facility

Abandoned/foreclosed Pets - What to Do

7 Tips for Doggie Dental Care (Cesar Millan website)

Dogs help provide support in courtrooms

Interview with Becky VandeKerkhof of Got Paws?

Is theft of woman's pit bull a trend? (Lansing Story)

Subaru Dog approved ads (The one where they buy dogfood at the pet shop is hysterical)

Tell the USDA: Dogs are in danger

Michigan's Sadie wins Westminster Dog Show

Feeling guilty about your purebred dog?

10 ways to help animals in need

Police Defend Shooting "Aggressive" Dog; Owners Want Answers

In Bed with Monsters

Feral Cats Need Care in Blizzards Too

Errand of Mercy

Feral cats spared death; new home is Indiana farm


Fate of dogs uncertain: barking may be considered euthanasia worthy offense

Dog Rescued from Baltic Sea Finds Home on Polish Rescue Ship

Death Sentence Loom for Dogs in Fighting Case

Do animals need laws protecting them from shelters?

Croatian canine expert sets up in Michigan

Holland Township couple's dog rescue service denied permit to operate from home

Pet owners struggle in down economy (Traverse City story)

A new way for a cat to drink water - with musical accompaniment

Man kills 2 dogs after chickens are attacked

Kalkaska Co. Sheriff Gets New K-9 Unit


Pets in church gives new meaning to 'dogma'

State gets three new sled-dog race events

Victim afraid to let new dog outside

Dog killed by wolves

Dog freezes to ground in Hancock

Two-legged dog gives hope to disabled Army vets


Organizers hope the Traverse City community steps up and helps convince city leaders to create a dog park

Soldiers clear land for future animal shelter

Pets vs. pennies

Area Vet Clinic Hosts 'Neuter-a-Thon'

To many, Animal Medical Center simply is known as "the big blue farmhouse." It's been that way for 25 years. But on Tuesday the center on U.S. 31 just north of Chum's Corner became a "neuter-a-thon" site to benefit Cherryland Humane Society pets awaiting homes -- and their potential adopters. Read more about the story here.

Animal Hospital Expands to 24 Hour Emergency Care

At a time when it's becoming common hearing about businesses closing down or reducing staff...a local veterinary hospital is actually expanding. East Bay Animal Hospital in Grand Traverse County is opening a 24 hour emergency clinic and it's the first of its kind in the area. Read more about the story here.

Supporters look to secure shelter millage renewal (yes, it passed)

H1N1 Flu Confirmed in Iowa Cat

PetSmart is voluntarily recalling two Dentley’s Beef Hoof products for potential salmonella contamination

Three men and dog rescued from freezing waters (video)


Pizzeria Decorates Pumpkins For Charity

Crawford County Dogs Get Another Chance At Life

Woman's 7-foot-long dog could be record holder

Lost Dog Gathers Clues to Find its Family

Saving Emelie - Thanks to a small group of people, an abandoned cat named Emelie and her newborn kittens are out of harm’s way


Muskegon Heights man gets prison for tossing cat into trash

Horse Sanctuary Facing Foreclosure (White Lake, MI)

Pet-food industry enjoys strong sales in weak economy

Local firm offers fitting tribute to fallen pets


A Paw and a Prayer

What if you Could Raise Money to Help Animals by Doing Something You Do Every Day - Searching the Initernet or Shopping Online?

Amazon.com Has a Dog Forum

Journey to Safety - Rescue Effort Saves More Than 150 Puppy Mill Dogs

Chrysler Does the Right Thing for Feral Cats

What's a Meow Mean?


Mt. Clemens, Michigan City Council Adopts Breed Discriminatory Ordinance

Best Friends Animal Society Calls on Armed Forces to Overturn Breed-Specific Bans on Military Bases

What to Do if Your Pet is Poisoned

Humane Society University

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Animal Protection Shelter and click here for his website

Pets May Not Be So Happy under 'Happy Act'

Dearborn officials rescue 25 cats, dog from house

Northport 'goes to the dogs'

JULY 2009

Dog shooter given jail term

Pet rescue needs help

100 rescued Chihuahuas

More than 90 doges removed from home

Paws up: All-pet airline hits skies

Cats Do Control Humans, Study Finds

Jake's the 'brother' I always wanted

350 dogs seized in dogfighting raids in 5 states

JUNE 2009

Going on a Vacation with your Dog?

Cherry Festival's Ultimate Air Dog Competition

Dogs hound rabbit-raiser

Dog shooter pleads guilty

Missaukee Humane Society in Danger of Closing

Bureau of Land Management's Secret Meetings to Destroy Wild Horses

Growing danger: Toxic plants pose pet threat - Some common shrubs and plants can cause heart, liver and kidney failure

Bark Avenue Press Looking for “Top Dog” Designers of Pet Photo Books

Caregiver Helps Horses in Isabella County Animal Cruelty Case

Isabella County Man Accused of Animal Abuse

Questions still unanswered in dog's death

Pet Rehab

MAY 2009

Tiny Horse Trains as Guide Dog

Roscommon Undersheriff Describes Escape from Burning SUV; Saves K-9 Cop

APRIL 2009

Police seek tips in dog-killing probe

Songbirds dying in alarming numbers

Alarming Rise in Pet Abandonment in Northern Michigan

Family pet stolen from yard, burned, and killed

Owner Of Burned Poodle Opens Up On Her Horrific Ordeal

Donors reward shelter that rescued 50 Wis. dogs

Grand Traverse County Man Arrested for Killing Dog

MARCH 2009

Dog Found in Traverse City Recycling Bin

Couple charged with animal neglect, cruelty

Michigan Animal Control Officer Wins Victory for Animals


Homeward Bound in Manistee Looking for Volunteers

Skijoring, kicksledding keep dogs fit

Trainer focuses on rescue dogs

Search Dogs Sniff Out Scents


Young Musher


Northern People: Trainer 'whispers' to dogs

In the Company of Dogs: Some can't get enough canine companionship

4th Graders Recognized by Sheriff for Good Deed

Cheboygan Animal Shelter Looks to Expand

Humane Society Need (Food Pantry for Pets)

Pet Giving Tree at Banfield Pet Hospital


Pet Owners Concerned About Possible Poisoning

Local Animal Shelter Needs Help

K-9 Training in Northern Michigan

A Seattle man takes his love of dogs on the road peddling thousands of miles with his four legged friend

Many area businesses welcome pets

Northern Michigan dogs tested positive for canine brucellosis

Feral cat over population problem

Sheriff's department gets K-9

JUNE 2008

Flood-displaced Livestock Stay With Michigan farmer

Animal Shelter Accidentally Euthanizes Wrong Dog

Unequivocally Equine: Horse Show Gears up for its Fifth Year

Dog Survives Getting Shot in Head

Bad Things Can Happen to Good People

The Healing Powers of Pets

MAY 2008

Northern People: Pet Lover's Dream Job

Newaygo County Man Charged For Beating His Dogs

Livingston County Passes Pit Bull Adoption Ban

Charlevoix Couple Charged With Animal Abandonment

Emerging Crisis: Shortage of Large Animal Vets

Exotic cat remains missing from sanctuary in Muskegon County

APRIL 2008

Charlevoix County Humane Society Sees Rise in Animal Neglect

Final Rule Set For Animal Feed

Man Accused of Beating Dogs Pleads No Contest

MSU Gives Free Eye Checks for Service Dogs

MARCH 2008

Isabella County Woman Sentenced for Cruelty to 70 Dogs

Pet Food Company Linked to Thousands of Pets' Deaths to Settle

Dogs Severely Beaten in Newaygo County Home

Equestrian Boutique Unique to Traverse City

Protecting Pets and Owners in Michigan

Four Horses Dead in Lake County

Little Traverse Bay Humane Society Boarding & Grooming Facility Open

Sponsor a Homeless Pet at The AuSable Valley Animal Shelter

Iraqi Dogs Come Home to Soldier's Family in Michigan

New Grooming Business Opens in Cheboygan

Dog Finds New Home in Harbor Springs After Vicioius Attack

Dog Joins Police Force in Ypislanti

Man Gets Probation in Cat Abandonment

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Dogs Severely Beaten in Newaygo County Home

2 People Charged with Animal Abuse in Gladwin County

PetSafe Struggles for Funding

Several Animals Found Dead at Montcalm County Home

February 5, 2008
The Story of How Macomb County Animal Control is Failing Animals and Humans

February 8, 2008
Abandoned Dogs Found in Traverse City Home

February 4, 2008
Mackinac County Man Charged with Animal Cruelty

January 19, 2008
Sled Dog Racing

December 18, 2007
Raw Food for Pets a Rare Business Model

December 5, 2007
Pet Resort Caters to Unique Clientele

November 26, 2007
Family Rescues Ferrets

August 12, 2007
Horse Show by the Bay Kicks up Rave Reviews

August 9, 2007
Otsego County Votes in Favor of Millage for Animal Shelter

August 4, 2007
Charges in Animal Neglect Case

July 12, 2007
Manistee County Investigating Animal Cruelty Case

July 11, 2007
Animals Hit the Catwalk at Cherry Festival Pet Show

July 11, 2007
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Grand Traverse County Animal Control
Both lost and found dogs can be reported to Animal Control by calling (231) 995-6080.

Michigan Animal Legislation - Helping Animals Through the Law
Together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals.